The Giclee Factory is a large part of my business family, I couldn’t imagine doing business with anyone else. The quality of their prints is exceptional, their services are fast, reliable and consistent and their staff are so friendly and always willing to help. You are definitely in good hands with these guys!

For 9 years the Giclee Factory has produced my images for sales in galleries and at art events.Each one arrives perfectly made…never a disappointment…just excitement! Thank you again and again!

I love all the canvas I get from giclee factory. The quality is far above the price.
I have canvas in my home that has been on the walls for over 10 years and it still looks the same as the day it arrives. No fading or warping!
I use giclee factory for my client canvases and they all rave about them. 

I have been using the services of Giclee Factory for the past seven years and have been very pleased with the quality of photographs they have reproduced for me.Not only is the quality excellent, both paper and stretched canvas but the communication by email and phone is great as well.Always courteous and trying to be helpful. I wouldhighly recommend using this company.

When I first started ordering giclées, I ordered them rolled – I was trying to save money by having them put on stretchers myself. I went to a place I used for framing and the fellow who ran the business told me he had seen quite a few giclées in his time and the ones from

The Giclée Factory were the best he’d ever come across. I order my prints stretched now – it makes more sense – when I calculated my time, the use of my car, etc., it really wasn’t worth the trouble. The Giclée factory has never let me down – both their work and their customer service is excellent.

The Giclee’ Factory has been providing me with art prints on canvas and watercolor paper for the past 10 years and I couldn’t be happier with their quality as well as their customer service. Their prints on paper rival the original watercolors in color and clarity, while the prints of the same image on canvas brings a whole different dimension, turning a watercolor into an oil painting. Just stunning.

As far as their prices go, I have never found a company with better, and before I found them I had done an exhaustive search. I have never been disappointed in 12 years of products from the Giclee’ Factory and look forward to many more years to come as an enthusiastic customer.

These are couple of 24 x 24 canvas Giclees that I gallery wrapped on stretcher bars I make in my work shop . Also a slightly tweaked selfie . All ordered as rolled canvas with a 3 “ border which are shipped in a tube via UPS . I can’t say enough about how thrilled I am doing business with the Giclee Factory .

In 3 years never had an issue . Excellent craftsmanship and always consistent with what I see on my calibrated monitor . I always know what expect , High quality , reasonable prices , and timely shipments . Great people to deal with . Always happy .

As a professional artist, I have trusted The Giclee Factory to print my signed one-of-a-kind digital paintings on canvas and paper since 2014, when I exhibited 15 large paintings in a solo exhibition in the largest art venue in the State of Vermont. Since then, I have worked with them to print 18 large paintings for a solo exhibition in 2015 at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire, and another with 15 paintings in 2016 in a newly constructed building on that campus.

They also printed three large paintings now in the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Permanent Collection. Since then I have worked with them on paintings for exhibitions at Galatea Fine Arts in the SOWA Art District of Boston MA, the New London Hospital in New London NH, and 15 large paintings at the University Place Gallery in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA.”

I create mixed media artworks using digital and painted images. I have been working with The Giclee Factory for over a decade to get the digital works printed. The quality has been just fabulous. They have been efficient and helpful.

I make giclee specifically to sell at local markets. I began with acrylic giclee and have also begun to make watercolour prints. Sometimes I stretch the canvas and at times I get them to do it. The stretched work that The Giclee Factory does is better than mine – I think! The quality of the wood is excellent too. I have recommended them to many other artists.

After many years of ordering prints from the Giclee Factory, I have never been less than completely satisfied. I am continually amazed at the quality and how “true to the original” the prints are. I have recommended The Giclee Factory to many other artists who are equally impressed.

I think it is important for all artists to understand that the quality of the image will only be as good as what is sent to the Giclee Factory. I scan my work and other artists paintings and also do “proofs” on photo paper in order to be sure that colour and clarity are accurate before ordering. Looking forward to many more years of ordering the very best Giclee Prints!

Been a customer for many years and have tried other Giclee printers, but, have always come back to Giclee Factory. Best product. Best service (even whenI screw up a print). Aways friendly and helpful. Have sent many other artists to you.

Thank you for all you have done for me and the profits you have made me.

When I started to search for giclee printing for my art, I was not receiving the best quality from other companies. I do not remember how we stumbled across the
Giclee Factory, but I tried a few pieces and the giclees mirrored my original works on canvas.I did not have to touch up any of the printed works and the pricing is very good.
I have only used the Giclee Factory for all my works now and they are the best company
for pricing and the quality of work that they do.


I have ordered prints on both canvas and fine art paper from the Giclée Factory. The print quality is always great, and it doesn’t take long for the order to be shipped. The packages are carefully packed, so the orders arrive in perfect condition. So far, I’ve been very satisfied with their services!

Your services are really the best!

The quality of all of the prints I’ve ever received from you over the years – large and small, paper and canvas – is consistently top-notch, and the value you offer is excellent. I’ve used much more expensive printers in the past and none surpass the quality of your work. Your customer service is also exceptional! Caroline goes out of her way to ensure my orders are correct and always graciously obliges my last-minute changes.

Thank you SO MUCH to the whole team! You really help make our businesses shine.

I just wanted to say, "Thank you!" for the amazing and beautiful job you did on the printing of these portraits. I am very pleased with how they turned out and I just wanted to let you know.

I recommend you to everyone I know because of your integrity and quality of your work.

Just received my recent order, all was in tact, and all beautifully done as usual. Thank You, the print came out better than I had hoped which tells me the skill of your technicians and artists there . Again, thank you, I will continue utilizing your service as I feel you provide a much better service than most on line companies doing the same thing, and I have utilized many of them. You do a tribute to my art, so what else can I ask for, as well as backing up your work 100%