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Even if you already ordered from us in the past, you'll have to register on our new website. You will not have access to previous orders / invoices as this is a new system. Also, don't try to login via our pro section if you didn't first register as a end user and then followed the instructions to be moved to pro. See below in the next section.

Professional artists and photographers who have a website or social media platform for selling their giclees can apply for Pro. Pro members get a great discount on all our giclees.

Examples of price difference:

16x20 on fine art paper: $25.65  (Pro: $16.65)
16x20 stretched canvas on 3/4" :   $55.98   (Pro: $37.98)

Click on the Login / Register button at the top of the page to register. Once registered, send us an email at tgfproregister@gmail.com with the name and email address you registered with and the website address / social media platform you are selling from.

Once moved to pro, you'll receive a confirmation email from us. Please allow up to 24h for the move. Don't pay any invoice until you receive our confirmation email or you'll pay the end user price. 


We accept jpg, jpeg and png files.

Please make sure your files are in RGB, 8bits and that they are not over 300 dpi at print size.

We recommend between 150 and 300 dpi at print size. We can print from a lower resolution but we don’t recommend below 72 dpi. 

When uploading a file, if you see "high" under your image, it means it is at least 150 dpi. If you see "low", if means it is under 72 dpi which is not recommended.

Please note that if you upload a PDF, the system can't determine the resolution so will not be able to indicate if ok. Please make sure your file has enough resolution if you send a PDF.

You can ask for a printed proof of your files before we process your order. The first proofs of your first order (up to 4, shipped at the same time) are free and additional ones are $2.50 each. To get your free proofs, please use the code PROOF when placing your order.

Proofs are 8×10 printed on the same material we will use to print your final order. Proofs on canvas are always sent non stretched. Shipping for these proofs is free of charge and they are sent via regular mail. They normally take about 2-3 weeks to arrive from the moment you place your order.

When you receive your proofs, you can place your order via our website with the same files or corrected ones. 

If you are unsure of the quality of your file (colors, contrast, density, etc), we can correct it for you. Please note we can't fix the file if it doesn't have enough resolution (you'll see "low" in the bar below the uploaded image) or if your image is not sharp. You'll receive a before / after image via email for you to approve before we proceed with the final print. Please note this option will delay production by 24-48h.



Because orders are custom made for you, we reserve the right to not accept a cancellation or charge extra fees if works has already been done on your order. There will be a 5% minimum cancellation fee on any canceled order.


Gloss canvas: It is a thick 350 gsm 2x1 19 mil, Ph-neutral, poly-cotton canvas that's perfect for photo or art reproduction. Combined with OEM archival water-based inks and the glossy surface, this canvas will yield the maximum color saturation, contrast and longevity available today.

Deep blacks
No cracks

Satin canvas: Our regular canvas although not a real high-gloss canvas is nevertheless on the glossy side. This new canvas is a real satin canvas. Besides, it's the same canvas with the same texture and the same general characteristics and obviously, the same price. The satin surface is ideal for precision printing of high or low saturation images where really deep blacks are not necessary. A glossy surface can produce really deep blacks like no other because there is little to no diffusion.

No reflections
No cracks


Cotton is still very popular due to its low price, but this material is not what it used to be. It is the material with the most defects per square foot of all the canvases available today. We wouldn’t be comfortable selling giclees with bumps and bad treads to our clients.

The Giclee Factory uses the very best poly-cotton canvas available today. Poly-cotton canvas retains the look and feel of cotton canvas – you can’t actually tell them apart – but without the bumps. bad treads, and sagging in dry weather. On top of that, our canvas is seedless for a perfect smooth finish without any dark dots in white and pale areas.

But don’t take our word for it: order a free printed proof today. That’s right, you won’t pay a penny, including the shipping anywhere.

Textured fine art paper: The textured fine art paper is an archival, Ph-neutral, OBA-free, thick and gorgeous 400 gsm medium, made by Strathmore. The special top coating of this paper gives it unique precision, contrast and color saturation for a matte medium. It is also much more resistant to water spills than most fine art paper.

Smooth fine art paper: Our smooth fine art paper is a bright white, 100% cotton, 250gsm, Ph-neutral, archival medium made by Canon. It is the ideal paper when you need a discreet medium that won't interfere with the image.

Our superb photo paper comes in two variants, satin and gloss. They both come in 10 mil thick white, acid free paper for maximum gamut and longevity. Easily framed or laminated, they also look tremendously good on their own.

We use sawtooth hangers like those below.

We use jointed pine wood so our frames are straight and node free. 


We use Canon and HP printers. We only use waterproof, pigmented, archival ink. 

Canon and HP archival OEM inks are rated to last over 100 years. So, with proper care, your print should last just as long.

Custom sizes are available for Pro members only. Please contact us for more details about the process and the extra fees.

The white corners will not be printed on the final giclees. It's only a visual effect on our image viewer. The color or image option will be printed all around your image.

Production and Shipping

Our production time is about 5 business days. 

Shipping time is between 1-7 business days, depending on where you are.

We usually use UPS for giclees but will sometimes use Canada Post for Canadian rural regions. We ship proofs and sample pack via Canada Post.

Here are the shipping costs when shipped to either Continental USA or Canada Provinces, via UPS Ground. Contact us BEFORE paying your order if you need Express shipping or Shipping anywhere else. Price will be calculated according to your order subtotal.

$0-$199.99: $15.75
$200-$499.99: $19.75
$500-$999.99: $29.75
$1000-$4999.99: $49.75
$5000-$9999.99: $99.75

Yes you will receive a tracking number directly from UPS when your order will leave our factory. 

Please inspect your order as soon as you receive it. If for some reason, it is damaged, send us clear pictures of the damaged giclee and the box. Please contact us in the first 48h of reception of your order. After 48h, we will consider the order to be to your satisfaction.

Yes we offer rush printing and express shipping options.

If you would like to select the rush printing option, please select "Paypal Rush Printing" when paying for your order. Your order will be printed in 2 business days instead of 5. If you need more than 25 rushed giclees, please contact us before paying the order so we can confirm the production time with you.

We also offer express shipping options (1 and 2 business days). The price is calculated according to the order and where it ships. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need an express shipping quote for your next order. 

1. Prepare your order and make sure everything is complete and accurate (right address, all the products, etc).

2. DO NO PAY your order just yet. Contact us and ask us to add the express shipping cost to your order. Please specify if you want 1 or 2 days. We will calculate the cost and add the cost directly in your cart.

3. Once done, we will let you know and you'll just have to pay your order as is.

Please note: no changes can be done once we calculate the shipping price as it could change if you make any change so make sure your order is accurate. The shipping cost will be invalid if you make any changes. If you pay the order before we add the extra shipping cost, an extra $10 will be charged as administration fees.

We ship Worldwide. If you need us to ship an order express or outside of USA and Canada, please contact us first and we will give you the shipping cost for that order.

There are no custom or duty fees for all orders shipped to USA and Canada. There could be customs and / or duty fees for orders shipped outside of USA and Canada.  You'll be responsible to pay for those fees. 


Huge buying power, automation, efficiency.

The Giclee Factory offers the best prices in the industry. Our giclees can often be half the price of our competitors and on some occasions, as low as a third. How is that possible?

There are many ways to offer a low price. We didn’t want to use cheap materials or send manufacturing overseas. So we took it upon ourselves to study every aspect of the industry to find more efficient ways to make our products. We chose this approach a few years ago and never looked back.

Yes we do. Details are below.
Please note those discounts are not valid when we have a sale.

Stretched Canvas
10% off when you order 10 copies of the same giclee
15% off when you order 25 copies of the same giclee
20% off when you order 50 copies of the same giclee

Rolled Canvas
10% off when you order 25 copies of the same giclee
15% off when you order 50 copies of the same giclee

File Art and Photo Paper
10% off when you order 25 copies of the same giclee
15% off when you order 50 copies of the same giclee
20% off when you order 100 copies of the same giclee

Drop Ship

Yes we can drop ship your order directly to your client. Please note there is no branding or paperwork inside or outside the box. 

No, this service is free of charge.

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